Bringing the wellbeing of nature and community to Multifamily Environments


The Parkera Way

We believe that great investments are created by designing, building and operating the most livable communities on earth. Nature is our guide; as a result we are constantly learning and evolving.

Parkera designs, creates and operates triple-bottom-line residential apartment investments. Our designs, in harmony with nature, give each residential community its own life. Once a project is built, Parkera continues to develop a strong community, working to drive both resident and staff satisfaction and retention, environmental resilience, sustainability and financial success. Parkera invests in the physical and emotional wellbeing of all our stakeholders

Our methodical approach to real estate investing delivers projects that are architecturally thoughtful, ecologically restorative and focused on building and maintaining a strong sense of identity and community.

We are a statutory public benefit company created to serve and benefit all stakeholders. Through our work we create a positive effect on local neighborhoods, communities, and the environment.

We employ the disciplines of both sustainable and biophilic design. We promote conservation, work to reduce resource consumption, and restore and protect local ecologies. And we create and nurture resident communities that value health, wellbeing, and a daily connection to nature.

Building Communities Where Residents Choose to
Stay, Grow, and Prosper

All our communities and investments must work naturally to serve these objectives. Each design must be green, light, fresh, and beautiful. These guidelines create opportunities to create places where all feel welcome, included, respected, served, and connected. Places where people want to stay, and build their lives.

Mark Jepson, Founder and CEO

Mark Jepson

Founder and CEO

Homer Robinson

Founding Partner

Jessica Hernandez-Quirt

Executive Assistant and Project Manager


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